Textile Catalogue ARQUEOTEX

The on-line Textile Catalogue ARQUEOTEX provides an extensive range of textile samples produced by textile/wool companies in the 20th Century.
The collection created between 1936 and 1968 by a textile technician of French origin, René Ferdinand Delimbeuf, stands out for its high technique refinement and quality.
It shows the highest articles patterns of articles for Men and Women which are an inspiration to new designers.

Some History

The Wool Museum located in Covilhã, in facilities of the University of Beira Interior, was set up by the Rectorial Dispatch no. 12/89, January 20th.
It was created with the aim of preserving and recovering the dye-house area of the Royal Textile Factory, a state manufacture, founded by the Marquis of Pombal in 1764 and that was classified as Nation Cultural Heritage (Decree-law no. 28/82 of February 26th).

  • Mathematics Games
    The Wool Museum and the Mathematics Department of UBI promote the organization of "Mathematics Games", of the Sciences College of University of Lisbon.

  • The UBI Days 2009
    March, 10, 11 and 12 2009
    The Wool Museum participates at 12th edition of THE UBI DAYS with guided tours to the Royal Textile Factory Nucleus (...)

  • The Wool Route Yarns
    The pamphlet about the Wool Route TRANSLANA, in Portuguese, Spanish and English languages, is available at the Wool Museum Shops.

  • New editions
    It was edited new pamphlets about the Wool Museum and its nuclei, the Royal Textile Factory, the Royal Textile Factory / Wool Manufacture Interpretation Centre, the Centre of Documentation/Archive and the Sun Tenters.