Available Spaces

The Wool Museum .has ample rooms that suits to the realisation of all kinds of events

The spaces may be made available to public and private, collective and individual entities, through the establishment of previous conditions, for the realisation of events with a scientific, cultural and artistic nature.

That way, spaces are afforded for the organisations of temporary exhibitions, as well as for the realisation of meetings, conferences, discussions, scientific and organisational meetings, textile workshops, musical concerts, performances, the realisation of plays and celebration of several events.

The entities that intend to use the Wool Museum spaces must write a request, in advance, giving information about the activity and date in which you want to realise it.

These spaces compose modules that can be ceded separately, as a whole or in groups, according to the agreed conditions.

Temporary Exhibitions Gallery
Royal Veiga Factory nucleus

Area – 161 m2

Temporary Exhibitions Gallery
Royal Textile Factory nucleus

area – 190 m2

It implies the occupation of Furnace Galleries I and II (152 m2) and the connection area (38 m2).


Area – 54 m2

Room with the capacity for almost 50 movable sitting places, equipped with a multimedia projector, a sound system, and video and audio record for the realisation of cultural and scientific activities.

Projection Room

Area – 28 m2

Room for video projections with a capacity for almost 10 movable sitting places, equipped with TV/LCD.

Cafetaria (covered area) and Terrace (uncovered area)

Area – 132 m2 (Cafetaria), 25 m2 (Pantry and services), 140 m2 (Terrace)

Space with the capacity for 38 places, in the covered area and 24 places, in the Terrace zone, all movable.

Equipped with the necessary equipments for the confection and the packing of food.

Textile  Workshop

Area – 62 m2

Equipped spaces with models of textile equipment (manual cards, spinning wheel and table looms, plain looms and dobby looms) and also an atelier zone for the children.

Educational Extension Room (next to the Textile Workshop)

Training room, annexed to the Textile Workshop, 11 m2, from 6 to 8 movable sitting places, meant for a juvenile and adult public.


Area – 119 m2

Suitable for the realisation of concerts, performances, plays, fashion shows, trends presentation...


  • Support staff for the cloakroom
  • The vigilance and security . are the responsibility of the requiring/contracting entity. The requiring entity will be responsible for the all the damages caused, since they are the consequence of the non fulfilment of the recommendations previously presented by the Museum, that’s why the signature of a responsibility term is demanded
  • The Wool Museum does not have a normalised Cafeteria/Restaurant service. , but it allows the requiring entity to organise its own service, making available its facilities

Reservations or additional elucidations:
Tel. - 275 319 724 (from Monday to Friday, from 9.00 to 12.30 and from 14.00 to 17.30)